GOOD Purse…Get you a purse that can do both

My purse is so good. … More GOOD Purse…Get you a purse that can do both


G is for Good

I started a daily meditation practice a couple of months ago to make more room for gratefulness in my life. And no it’s not what you think. I’m not trying to put you on a journey to enlightenment, and I’m not trying to convince you to meditate.  The luxury of having 10 minutes a day … More G is for Good

T is for Turtle

When I turned 5, my parents introduced me to my best friend. Chocolate the bear, my childhood stuffed animal, is and always will be my favorite animal. He is 18 inches of fuzzy bear cuteness topped off with a blue ribbed bow.  So what’s up with the turtle? Well…see I also collect turtle because the … More T is for Turtle

D is for Dan

Phrases said by the one and only Dan, the roommate when he is…. Being too hard on himself…. “I’m downgrading to the 50 mile race instead.” Hungry and watching reality tv… “Wanna order Domino’s?” Lecturing me on the virtues of being a couch potato… “Some people enjoy spending money. I enjoy watching tv ok the … More D is for Dan

S is for Simplify

Lately, I’ve painted in only watercolors. Limiting my medium choices allows me to focus on ideation and create more often. Even still, it’s easy to get carried away filling every space with liquid pigment resulting in a crowded, too pigmented, too overdone work. At the same time, my annual winter cleaning has me slowly ridding my closets of objects I no longer need. … More S is for Simplify