S is for Simplify


Lately, I’ve painted in only watercolors. Limiting my medium choices allows me to focus on ideation and create more often. Even still, it’s easy to get carried away filling every space with liquid pigment resulting in a crowded, too pigmented, too overdone work.

At the same time, my annual winter cleaning has me slowly ridding my closets of objects I no longer need. I don’t plan to fill in those gaps with more. I am making space for less.

Everywhere I look, I am staring at my life and finding ways to simplify. I am taking stock of the objects I use and objects I merely think I need. I keep what is useful.

Sometimes, simplifying involves reengaging with objects I haven’t made use of in a while. I found some greeting card sized card stock leftover from a birthday present I made for a friend years ago. The cards, too, are helping  simplify my art process. Their size makes it impossible to get carried away because there is so little space in the first place.

So, I keep what is useful.

Do you feel the need to simplify? Are you making room for less?



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